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Pink Sugar

About TBR Pony Rentals 

Welcome to our new webpage. We are still working on bringing you an Improved and delightful experience in the meantime please be patient with us as we get everything up and running here. 

The Fernandez Family

We started doing pony rentals and bringing smiles to children's faces almost 11 years ago. We initially started as a small family celebrating our first sons 2nd birthday party with a beautiful small pony that everyone loved. It made our sons party such a hit and pretty soon we started getting asked by friends and family if we could bring him along for their parties. The pony ride concept eventually started growing and so we got another pony and started growing popular in the whole Houston area. From the year 2013 to this present day we have enjoyed being able to bring the joy of interacting with the sweetest ponies to hundreds of children and being able to create so many memories throughout the years. We are thankful for every single person that puts their trust in us to make your little ones day a very special one. Mark and Brenda Fernandez  and The TBR Boys

Family Horse photography

Our very first Pony party

June 2nd 2013 

pony parties
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